Summer Sail Week is the ultimate summer holiday for 2019. You and your friends stay on a crewed boat for a week cruising the islands of Croatia or Greece, along with a fleet of boats filled with others just like you. Your boat comes fully equipped with skipper to sail it for you, multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a lounge, kitchen, big outdoor area, a diving platform and best of all - the worlds biggest swimming pool!

You do NOT need to know how to sail, you needn't even have been on a boat before. Our staff will take care of you and do all the work! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday of your life!

A typical day with Summer Sail Week:


Wake up, swim, have breakfast and piece together the night before! Typically we aim to leave at 11am each day when we'll set sail and head for a bay for some snorkelling, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing!  


When in Rome, right? Croatia is a wonderful sailing destination with enough wind to get you around, but not enough to get you in trouble. The sailing legs are not needlessly long (you don't have to struggle for hours to get anywhere), but there is plenty of scope for you sailors among you to 'stretch your legs' and have a bit of fun. 

For those of you not neccessarily down with sailing, you can sunbath up on deck, make a swing from your yacht into the sea, get dragged along behind the yacht, or hey, you can even take your time, chill out in an idyllic harbour, and then motorsail to catch up with others later.

The bottom line is that nothing is dictated to you, you do what you want, when you want. You da BOSS!


Having sailed for a couple of hours you can either have lunch whilst crusing around the Islands or (what we'd recommend) drop anchor in a stunning bay, chill out, relax, have a picnic lunch, and use your yacht like a massive oversized swimming and diving platform...  Relax, it's what you're here for! 

When you've relaxed enough (is that even possible?!) you can lift up the anchor and make your way to the evenings chosen destination. We'll be there to greet you on arrival and point out the local amenities and most importantly, show you where the best bars are for a night out! 


If you arrive early we can reccommend places to explore on land... Wonder the stunning back streets of Hvar, hire a scooter or car and explore the entire island or grab the towel and head straight for the nearest beach to really top up that tan - the choice is yours! 



This is when Summer Sail Week becomes truly special.  Each evening there is something epic going on, and we'll show you where! From world famous nightclubs in Hvar, to beach bars in bays that few have discovered, there is an abundance of choice and variety in both the areas we sail.  We always aim to stop where there is at least one restaurant for those kean on eating out. 



  • What is Summer Sail Week?

    SSW is a summer holiday based in Croatia & Greece. Visit the islands in style on your own private crewed yacht! 

  • Summer Sail Week Croatia Route

    SSW is held in the stunning islands of Croatia. Visit Split, Hvar, Vis and the crystal blue water bays in between!

  • Summer Sail Week Corfu Route

    SSW visits the stunning islands of the North Ionian, starting in Corfu and stopping in gorgeous Paxos and the mainland coast!